Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our hormones make us different from others. Hormones determine how we look, the way we think, what our preferences are. Hormonal imbalance is distressing. Hot flushes, osteoporosis, lowered sex drive & diminished energy may stem from low or unbalanced hormones in men and women. Unfortunately, hormonal assessment is not part of routine health screening packages.

If you are not performing optimally, feel tired constantly and expereince no joy in living, you may be suffering a hormonal deficiency.

Trained as a reproductive endocrinologist, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is one of Dr Fok's areas of interest. In a recent development Ministry of Health issued a circular to all medical practioners stating that Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT, distinct from HRT) is "non-evidence based" and may only be prescribed in the context of a clinical trial. The full text of this circular is available by following this link.

Dr Fok also treats individuals undergoing preparing for and following gender reassignment. After sex change, these people require male or female hormones for life to maintain their physical appearance and their mental well being.